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We connect Home and factory automation level Sensors to the cloud.

Your Personal IOT Solution at your doorstep.

We Measure, Collect and Analyze your Tank level data.

Our IoT solution for home and factory provides utmost comfort.

  • Quick &¬†easy sensor registration
  • Periodic measurement and data transmission
  • In-house secure server or MS¬†Azure solution
  • Current and historical view of tank level
  • Measures all liquids, whether fuel oil, water, diesel, etc.

Our sensor portfolio

We specialize in leveraging ultrasonic level measurement technology to provide complete solutions for your home or factory.

Our Sensors

What we can offer you

We are happy to help you with

level sensors

for home or enterprise

Deploy your IoT solution on the cloud in a matter of hours with our experts.

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Cloud solutions

Private, Public or Custom

We can offer you three different types of cloud solutions for the connection of your level sensors.

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Data Analytics

Analyze Your Sensor Data

Our data science expertise are able to analyze your sensor data and make forecasts using machine learning methods.

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