Proteus Cloud

Our SECURE Cloud Solution for a quick & easy setup

Cloud Features

The Proteus Cloud contains the features required for a quick and easy deployment of your IoT system.
Secure Swiss Server

The Proteus Cloud is deployed on a virtual machine (VM) hosted by a secure Swiss server.

Proteus Web App

Our user-friendly web frontend allows users of the Proteus Cloud to access their devices easily.

Quick Deployment

Our Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure allows quick & easy deployment of your IoT solution.

Easy Registration

Registration of sensors, tanks and users has never been easier with Proteus Cloud.

Monthly Server Costs

We charge monthly subscription fees to cover the costs of the server.

Free unlimited support

We provide you with free and unlimited technical support, should you have issues with Proteus Cloud.

Proteus Cloud Web App

Register Your Tank

Specify the Manufacturer and the dimensions

Start measuring immediately

Get insight into the current level and temperature

Your Data Visualized

Benefit from the historical Progression

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Benefit from the ease of proteus cloud

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